We are proud to have worked on a fantastic voltage-optimisation installation project with iPac Packaging Innovations in Gateshead, Newcastle. It’s the latest in a series of energy-saving commissions we are carrying out across the UK for businesses looking for a capital-expenditure solution.

iPac has already made a name for renewable measures and has actioned some key changes to its operations to reduce carbon emissions, so we were pleased to have the opportunity to help by assisting with voltage optimisation.

Since we first assessed the site almost a year ago, the power requirements have grown considerably, by around 30%, so it was obvious that sizeable voltage-optimisation equipment would be required to cope with this increased demand. We recommended the 800i because it will not only be enough to manage iPac’s current requirements but will also handle expected growth for the next few years. This is the largest unit we have installed to date, and we have no doubt it will make a significant contribution towards optimising the plant’s energy output.

The only proviso from iPac was that we had to avoid any major disruption to power during the installation process. With the factory running on continuous shifts, this did pose a scheduling challenge, but we found a solution. Power was disconnected at 11pm on the Friday night so the voltage optimiser could be connected before the production restarted on the Sunday evening.

The new voltage optimiser will enable iPac to reduce CO2 emissions by a massive 17,898kg per annum. With the correct voltage now in place, the lifespan of the site’s capital equipment will also increase by as much as 50%, while energy consumption has already fallen by 5.38%.

For additional support, we have installed remote monitoring software, which will provide easy access to real-time savings data from any PC, tablet or smartphone. This is just one of the measures included in our customer-care programme.

Jean-Louis Gravier, iPac’s operations director, said, “The installation process went very smoothly, and we are seeing the benefits of the install already. We are pleased we decided on the larger VO to allow for expansion and look forward to the savings both in energy and CO₂ emissions.”

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