Cut Your Combined Energy Costs

with a CHP System with Zero Capital Costs

Benefit from Immediate and Sustainable Power Savings

CHP systems deliver heat and energy where it’s generated, giving your business immediate and sustainable savings – and helping you cut your CO2 emissions into the bargain.

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    When you produce your own heat and electricity with our micro-combined heat and power systems, you enjoy substantial benefits, including:

    • Reduced consumption by controlling the systems you already have
    • Lower energy and maintenance costs
    • Extended life for your existing plant, thanks to reduced running hours
    • Savings on government levies and taxes
    • Less dependency on power supplied by the grid
    • No ongoing fees – we monitor and maintain the system free of charge

    As a typical example, an 80-bedroom hotel will save around £41,000 in year 1 and around £537,000 over a 10-year period – and as energy costs continue to rise exponentially, these savings could be even more substantial in the long term.