How it works to reduce your electricity bills

Reduce your energy spend, cut your CO2 emissions and increase the lifespan of your electrical appliances with voltage optimisation.

Did you realise you are paying for wasted electricity?

As a result of efforts to harmonise standard mains voltage across European countries to remove a perceived barrier to trade in electrical goods, electrical appliances on sale throughout the EU and UK can work efficiently at around 220V. However, UK electricity is typically supplied at an average of 242V, with a permitted range of up to 253V.

That 24-33V difference is not just wasted energy. It can also lead to premature failure of components, thus reducing your appliances’ working life.

So what’s the solution?

It’s simple – stepping down the voltage to your electrical equipment by installing our voltage-optimising system. The reduction in energy consumption means smaller electricity bills and a smaller carbon footprint, too. Plus, by extending the life of your appliances, you’ll be reducing your capital expenditure in the long term.

Contact Information

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Who is voltage optimisation suitable for?

We offer a wide range of optimisation units to cater for commercial clients with an annual energy consumption from around £12,000 into the millions.

What type of savings are possible?

Typical savings range from 8% up to 15%. As a rule of thumb, based on the results our clients have seen, if your annual electricity bill is around £66,000, you can save as much as £9,900 a year.

How much does the voltage-optimisation unit cost, including installation?

Nothing. We will install and supply it on a zero-cost basis when installing solar PV through a PPA (Power Purchase Agreement). You’ve got nothing to lose – except a large energy bill!

Is it possible to buy the equipment outright?

Yes – you can purchase the equipment from day one.