Ev Charging Solutions with Zero Capital Costs

Electric-vehicle charging (EVC)

Increase footfall and revenues to your site with EVC

You benefit from a lucrative, additional income stream which can offset some of your other costs and enhance your bottom line.

    Contact Information

    Call:  01376 401 401

    Email: enquiries@hbsl-energy.co.uk

    Our electric vehicle charging offer includes:

    • A comprehensive range of EVC hardware to choose from
    • Full funding, so you have no capital outlay
    • All site surveys
    • Installation, including any groundworks required
    • Remote monitoring and ongoing maintenance

    Once your charging facility is live, it’s added to all network advertisers so visitors can see the facility is available.

    While you are in contract, we can supply and install additional chargers to meet any increase in demand – which is very likely, given the increasing use of EVs as the UK transitions from petrol and diesel vehicles.