Business Energy Made Simple

We help businesses to become better and more informed energy buyers – maximising profits while minimising overheads. Simple.

Lower Energy Costs Mean Higher Profits

We’re on a mission to help businesses spend less on energy – which is why we offer expert energy brokerage alongside our other energy solutions.

We spotted a gap in the market for an energy brokerage service that provides the optimum balance of value for money, transparency and expertise – something very few brokers offer.

Utilising our decades of industry experience and knowledge, we drive down prices and share what we know – and we are honest about our margins. This means we can help businesses understand the market and become better energy buyers. And in this new era of apocalyptic energy increases, that has never been more important.

Simple Service

Our procurement service helps you reduce your energy costs without making operational changes. After all, you’ve got enough going on with the day-to-day work of your business without having to deal with expensive and time-consuming reconfiguration. We believe in keeping things simple.

Transparent Pricing

Believe it or not, the business energy industry is still unregulated, and that means some brokers get away with hiding huge fees in their clients’ contracts – fees which they never have to disclose.

We have nothing to hide. We add a small, fully disclosed margin to your unit rates, based solely on your energy spend, number of sites and service requirements – so you can see exactly what our brokerage service costs.

Contact Information

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