Payment Solutions

There’s a wealth of card payment options out there, so why not choose the one that fits your business and your customers best? As the UK’s top independent payments brokerage, our partner team excels in helping you secure payments. We offer a wide range of payment providers and state-of-the-art technology designed to meet the needs of any industry.

Payment Solutions Overview

Our Partner team comprises of professionals from the banking and finance sectors, possessing unparalleled expertise in all areas of card acceptance, ranging from retail to mail order to online payments. This breadth of knowledge allows us to swiftly grasp the unique requirements of every business and tailor solutions accordingly.

Our Partner team was founded by industry experts in 2005, established to provide UK businesses with access to the best terms and solutions from the merchant services providers. As an entirely independent and privately owned entity, we maintain no affiliations with specific providers, affording us the liberty to dispense impartial advice in the best interest of our clients.

Our Approach

Distinguished within the merchant services, our Partner team has developed relationships with leading UK and international providers. This strategic positioning enables us to offer clients a comprehensive service, facilitating comparisons of costs and solutions. Whether it’s reassessing existing card payment arrangements or venturing into card acceptance for the first time, we aim to mitigate business overheads by securing favourable financial arrangements while introducing clients to emerging payment technologies.

Types of solutions

As an independent entity, we extend access to a diverse array of card machines, virtual terminals, and secure gateways, ensuring businesses can accept payments through various channels:

Terms of our service

We receive a fee and/or commission from providers when clients use our services to purchase a payments product. For customers switching provider, in all cases the savings we identify are retained in full by them.

Get in Touch

We’re eager to discuss how we can address your card payment requirements. Feel free to reach out to us directly via phone or email for further information.

Contact Information

Call:  01376 401 401


Types of solutions

  • Online payments via website integration
  • Chip & Pin for in-person transactions
  • Telephone/mail order payments
  • Secure Pay by Link for electronic invoicing
  • Mobile app-based payments
  • Integration of payments into EPOS systems
  • Pay by Bank (Instant Payment)
  • Pay As You Go Solutions – SumUp, Square, Zettle